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Commercial Student Testimonials

Commercial Student Testimonials - Stapleford Flight Centre

Ben Boness  - First Officer, British Airways

"After researching the various options for flying training, I joined Stapleford in August 2004. I found Stapleford offered excellent training with good availability of aircraft and sound support from ground staff and instructors alike.

The modular training meant I had the flexibility I wanted in my training, however, I was still able to complete my zero to f(ATPL) in little over 16 months with first time passes.

Two months after completing my MCC I was able to secure a job with Astraeus Airlines flying the 757. After 5 years with Astraeus I now fly the 767 with British Airways proving you do not necessarily need to come from an integrated school to join BA.

22 months after my first flight in a Cessna 152 and at a fraction of the cost paid to an integrated school, I secured my first job thanks to the support and hard work of SFC".

Ben Boness - First Officer British Airways

William Tangney, First Officer, Titan Airways

"Choosing a school for professional flight training is a tough decision to make. It is not only important to find a school which will deliver the training you need to succeed throughout your aviation career but also a school where you will enjoy your training and find an instructor you aspire to. 

My training route took me to the US and then back to the UK to complete the fATPL and it is thanks to the quality of Stapleford training that I completed all my flight tests on the first attempt and am now flying the Boeing 737 for Titan Airways. 

Due to the economic downturn it took approximately twelve months from when I finished my training until I started training on the B737 but the skills I learnt at Stapleford stuck with me and showed their worth. Fortunately the aviation industry seems to be picking up again now so hopefully more and more pilots will realise their dream and get that chance to fly an airliner for a living.

I highly recommend Stapleford as a professional flight training organisation and always think back to my time there as I fly overhead going back into Stansted after a hard/fun day's work".

William Tangney, First Officer, Titan Airways

Sara Cutter, First Officer, Ryanair

"When it came to choosing a school to do my professional flight training with, the most important points for me to consider were that it had to be modular training as I was working full time, I wanted the best possible standard of training for the least possible expense, and hence to get it all done in minimum hours. 

I also wanted somewhere with a good reputation and good feedback from others who had trained there. However I was not willing to pay extortionate prices to fund an organisation that relies solely a good name to sell business. After much consideration I chose Stapleford Flight Centre and if I had to make the decision again I would do so again without hesitation.

Stapleford were very supportive and obliging throughout, particularly in helping me to complete each of the training modules in minimum hours and minimum time within the time scale I had available due to employment. The quality of instruction was very high and the assistance from the school in helping with circumstances to meet individual needs was a huge benefit.

Given the current climate and difficulty in getting a foot in the door in a career in aviation, the route to get there is probably one of the most important decisions to make, so do all the research you can and choose wisely, I did!"

Sara Cutter - First Officer, Ryanair

Dee Kang, First Officer, EasyJet

"I decided to research into a number of schools when choosing the best place for me to do my CPL/IR MCC training and found Stapleford ticking a number of boxes that even some of the larger schools could not.

I found all the staff very helpful and friendly, from the reception staff that would give you a cheery good morning (and call you by your first name!) to the instructors, course co-ordinator and even the CFI. The facilities were great, the clubhouse made for a relaxed briefing and debriefing atmosphere, the good and bad points being discussed over a coffee. Having their own maintenance facility next door also meant that down time in aircraft was minimal, if there was a problem 9 times out of 10 the engineers would have the problem fixed and you would carry on your lesson with minimal disruption.

My Instructors took the time to make sure I was learning at the right pace and were not afraid to push me when I needed a little encouragement, but at the same time making sure I was not overloaded and maxed out. I really felt that I was treated as an individual with my courses being adapted (within reason) to suit my needs rather than being simply a number that had to complete a certain set of exercises per lesson because thats what the program stipulated. My training was geared towards commercial flying and the basics I was taught at Stapleford in Pipers and Diamonds I still use today flying an Airbus and have fond memories everytime I fly over the LAM VOR.

I would have no hesitation to recommend SFC to any hardworking pilot who wants to pay a fair price, get fantastic training and have a great time along the journey!"

Dee Kang, First Officer, Easyjet

James Horgan, First Officer, Ryanair

"After gaining my PPL whilst working in the North of England, a change in circumstance meant I had to return to the South again, and the decision to continue my training with Stapleford was an easy one to make. I found them very open, both in terms of pre training visits, and with sharing feedback and opinions from other students. The school is superbly run and organised, with a well maintained fleet and simulator centre, which really made training enjoyable, even during the IR!

I was lucky I gained employment very quickly with Ryanair after the course completion, with them commenting on the high standards of the SFC graduates they had recently employed. I would have no trouble recommending SFC - they represent excellent value for money, and the instruction & location is excellent. I look back on my training with much fondness!"

James Horgan, First Officer, Ryanair

Nik Hammond, Senior First Officer, Air Charter Scotland

"In a world of training - which is a lottery at the best of times - all flying schools will tell you that they are the best at what they do. It is important that at this crucial stage in your career you make the right choices as they can decide how quickly you will progress into the airline industry and this is why I chose Stapleford. From the moment I arrived,

I was struck by the professional air and also the friendliness of all of the groundstaff and instructors. I had completed my CPL at another school and was dismayed by the lack of organisation there so decided to change. Immediately upon enroling at Stapleford I had all of my flying and sim sessions listed a month in advance. It was like a breath of fresh air coming here compared to my previous school.

Many schools will teach you how to pass a test and very little more, Stapleford will teach you not only to pass but also to learn the subject properly.This enabled me to get a job within 6 days of leaving with a private jet operator during the initial part of the downturn.

All I can say is that if I had to do it all again I would choose Stapleford Flight Centre for all of my training. My thanks go out to you all, you gave me the skills to suceed in my dream career".

Nic Hammond, Air Charter Scotland

Chris Simmons - First Officer, B737-800 Ryanair

"Commercial flight training can be a very stressful time, and the decision on where to train, could prove to be the single most important decision you'll make. I chose SFC after visiting many other training establishments around the country, all of which had left me rather confused, it was quite difficult to separate some of the more 'corporate' names since they all seemed very alike, and expensive! After visiting Stapleford and being shown around, I left feeling certain it was where I wanted to complete the most important stages of becoming an airline pilot. The atmosphere at SFC is extremely welcoming, and you'll be looked after from day one.

The professional training is well co-ordinated and the fantastic admin staff will be planning well ahead so there's never a delay waiting for examiners or aircraft. Everyone is on first name terms and you'll make some great friends who will eventually become colleagues no doubt. The instruction it's self is of the highest standard and the aircraft and simulator facilities are second to none, you really couldn't ask for a better environment to stretch yourself and achieve your ambitions!

Within just 2 months of leaving Stapleford Flight Centre I had secured employment with Europe's largest international carrier, Ryanair. I now fly up to 1100 passengers a day in Ryanair's modern fleet of 737-800's and I know my SFC training has got me here. If I could do it all again I'd still choose Stapleford Flight Centre".

First Officer, Ryanair, Chris Simmons

Vincent Watts - First Officer, B737-800 Ryanair

"I completed my basic flying training in America, and when choosing a school for my CPL and ME IR my first thought was that it needs to be done at a good school in the UK. It is not an unknown fact that the standard of training in the UK is very high compared with America and the rest of Europe, and it needs to be if you want to make the progression into the professional world of flying as smooth as possible.

With that in mind, and with the help of 4 years experience working in the Licensing Department at the UK Civil Aviation Authority, I knew I wanted to go to Stapleford having had the opportunity to research the school and having spoke to a number of their previous students who applied for their licences at my previous job.

I found the training there to be of a very high standard as I expected, and I passed both CPL and IR flight tests on the first attempt. The staff are very professional and helpful, and I never had a problem with aircraft availability. I have no hesitation in recommending Stapleford to perspective students, and the ones I have, have subsequently passed their CPL and IR tests first time too.

I now work for Ryanair flying the Boeing 737 800 and can only thank Stapleford for giving me the foundations to achieve my life long goal. It's hard work but worth it in the end."

First Officer, Ryanair, Vincent Watts

Will Snuggs - First Officer, Emirates Airlines

"Stapleford Flight Centre is quite simply the finest in UK flight training schools. It provides flight and ground training of the highest quality, delivered by instructors who want YOU to succeed! Stapleford took me from complete novice to fATPL in 18 months, enabled me to pass PPL,ATPL's, CPL, ME & IR first time and have a great time along the way.

Thanks to the quality of the training at Stapleford I was fortunate enough to secure a position on the Boeing 757 with Astraeus shortly after completion of my training and am thoroughly enjoying it! I think it is important to add that this didn't come easily and required and awful lot of sacrifice and hard work, but the quality of instruction made it considerably easier than it could've been!

In conclusion I would say to those who want to come out of flight training feeling a sense of success and who want to be a competent, skilled and able pilot to chose SFC. I know this is how I felt and I am now very fortunate to be in the situation I am".

Will Snuggs - First Officer Emirates Airlines B757

K Kilroy, First Officer, Virgin Airlines

"I researched all of the EASA Modular and integrated courses throughout the UK and Europe in 2002, and can honestly say that I know I made the right choice by attending Stapleford Flight Centre for my EASA modular course.

I completed my flight training successfully with SFC with all first time passes, due to the expert training, facilities and mentoring from the experienced instructors. I paid almost half that of other integrated courses from other schools, and still gained all first time passes and a frozen ATPL within 18 months.

Three months after passing my instrument rating and after being recommended by SFC to attend their MCC Course, I got my first airline job as a first officer flying the B737-800 for Ryanair".

K Kilroy, First Officer, Virgin Airlines

Some of our recently qualified students...

Billy Murphy - Ryanair
India Alix - WizzAir
David Chubb - Ryanair
Michael Pickin - Ryanair
Sean Fisher - Ryanair
Ian Musgrave - Ryanair
Simon Sculthorp - Suckling
Chris Yardley - Ryanair
Spencer Claydon - LEA
Alex Graham - Ryanair
Michael Guerico - Cathay
David Dobson - Ryanair
Adrian Kinsley - Ryanair
Lawrence Collier - Ryanair
Joe Henry - Ryanair
Peter Metcalf - Ryanair
Dani Pette - Ryanair
Mario Tardini - Ryanair
Adam Ledger - Wizzair
Stephen Adams - Ryanair
Jack Newman - Ryanair
Gavin Brooker - International Jet Club
Ben Ashton - Titan
Milan Tomasevic - Ryanair
Kenny Weymouth - Thomson
Huw Evans - Emirates
Chris Simmons - Emirates
Jen Likins - Air Wisconsin
Norman Arnold - Suckling
Sara Cutter - Ryanair
Vincent Watts - Ryanair
Justin Fryer - Easyjet
Alex Dale - Ryanair
Nathan Davies - Ryanair
Matthew Foster - Ryanair
Tom Rayne - Ryanair
Darvinder Kang - Easyjet
Rod Johnson - Easyjet
Jamie Butler - Aer Lingus
Michael Price - LEA
David Munday - Jet2

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Sept 2017 - Stapleford Proudly Announces Partnership with PEGASUS Finance!

Stapleford Flight Centre is proud to announce its affiliation with PEGASUS Finance. Get help with raising the finance for your flight training!

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Sept 2015 - Stapleford Launches Integrated Pilot Training Courses!

Following hot on the heels of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approval for Stapleford Flight Centre’s modular Air Transport Pilots’ Licence (ATPL) Theoretical Knowledge courses, Stapleford has now been given the go-ahead to run Integrated Pilot Training Courses at the airfield near Romford in Essex.... Download full press release >>

Aug 2015 - ATPL Theory Courses Cleared for Solo Take Off!

The Civil Aviation Authority has granted stand-alone approval for Stapleford Flight Centre to run modular Air Transport Pilots’ Licence (ATPL) Theoretical Knowledge courses at the airfield near Romford in Essex. This is the only ATPL theory course inside the M25 in the London area.. Download full press release >>

24th March 2015 - Re: Southend Controlled Airspace

When requesting a clearance into the new Southend CAS, from April 2nd 2015, it would be advisable to quote the CTA number(s) that you want clearance into. Sadly the CTA numbers are not shown on the new 1:500,000 chart and so you will find this chart useful. We strongly suggest that you carry it with you when flying locally to help you ensure you get the clearance you want. If you have any questions or concerns please contact one of the instructors at Stapleford: 01708 688380.

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New SFC 'Mobile Friendly' Website Launches!

Stapleford Flight Centre launches new 'mobile-friendly' website. We hope you like it - and that it displays consistently well on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device (and if not, please do let us know and we'll try our very best to fix it).

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New Mobile Friendly Website Launches!

SFC first with ALX medium jet simulator!

Stapleford Flight Centre, one of the UK’s top flight training schools, is leading the field with the acquisition of a brand new “state of the art” ALX Alsim medium jet simulator. This is first in the UK, and one of only five in Europe. It has just been installed at the Essex-based airfield and it will be used for MCC (Multi-Crew Co-operation) courses and JOC (Jet Orientation Courses) as well as a combined course for tomorrow’s airline pilots.

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SFC first with ALX medium jet simulator!

 SFC now affiliated to ATPL Finance!

Stapleford Flight Centre is proud to announce its affiliation with PEGASUS Finance. Get help with raising the finance for your flight training! Go to PEGASUS Finance website >>

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SFC Partners with ProPilot!

In conjunction with ProPilot we are introducing an enhanced ab-initio course where, in addition to the standard Zero to Frozen ATPL elements, we will train for type-rating preparation.

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SFC Partners with ProPilot!

SFC awarded Infringement Prevention Award from NATS!

The first-ever National Air Traffic Service (NATS) Infringement Prevention Award has been awarded to Stapleford Flight Centre. This is a result of the sustained campaign led by Deputy Head of Training, Brian Peppercorn.

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SFC awarded Infringement Prevention Award from NATS!

SFC Gains BAC Accreditation!

Stapleford Flight Centre, internationally-renowned flight training school for private and commercial pilots, has been awarded Full Accredition for its training courses by the British Accreditation Council for Independent, Further and Higher Education.

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