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Multi-Engine Instrument Rating (IR):

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Course Information:

The Aim:

The JAR Multi Engine / Instrument Rating Course provides the training required for a candidate with no multi engine aeroplane experience, to obtain the JAR Instrument Rating in a multi engine aeroplane. The holder may act as pilot in an aeroplane under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) in controlled airspace.

Entry Requirements:

A Private or Commercial Pilot's Licence issued in accordance with ICAO Annex 1 with a night qualification.

  • 70 hours as pilot-in-command
  • 50 hours PIC cross-country flight time
  • Hold a valid JAR first class medical certificate
  • Passed a course of theoretical instruction as set out in the JAR-FCL
  • Demonstrated use of English language as set out in the JAR-FCL

Course Description:

Initial training introduces the student to flight in a Piper Seneca and proceeds with general handling until a good proficiency is obtained. This is followed by asymmetric flight during which the student will experience the effects of a single engine failure and learn to safely control the aeroplane under this condition. The student then prepares and rehearses for the Multi Engine skill test.

The training comprises:

  • 6 hours minimum of dual instruction in the Seneca
  • 1 hour minimum for the skill test in the Seneca

Initial conversion on DA42 is aided with our DA42 BITD (Basic Instrument Training Device) which familiarises students with glass cockpit GARMIN G1000 displays.

The Instrument Rating training is commenced in the ALSIM FNPT2 flight simulator. Initially the student will learn to control the simulator smoothly and accurately by sole reference to the instruments and to accurately track and hold using VOR and NDB radio navigation aids. A high standard of performance is required before moving on to the next exercises.

The student then learns to fly precision and non-precision instrument approaches, and go-around procedures. The go-around procedures will include the practice of the drills associated with engine failure. Finally the student learns how to carry out a standard instrument departure, join the airways system, fly the airways, and make a standard instrument arrival.

The final part of the training takes place in the DA42 and the ALSIM FNPT2 flight simulator. It begins with general handling of the DA42 both in visual flight and by sole reference to the instruments. Complete routes are then flown in the DA42 where the skills learnt in the first part of the course are transferred from simulator to aircraft. The ALSIM FNPT2 flight simulator is used whenever remedial work is required and to also to extend the experience of the pilot e.g. by flight in severe weather conditions, or to more distant airfields.

The final part of the training is a formal skill test rehearsal (a 170A test), followed by the skill test.

The training comprises:

  • 35 hours minimum of dual instruction in the ALSIM FNPT2 flight simulator
  • 15 hours minimum of dual instruction in the DA42
  • 2 hours minimum for the skill tests in the DA42
  • A further 5 hours training in the simulator is required if a CPL issued in accordance with the ICAO is not held


Training is full-time or part-time, the full-time course lasting between 8 and 12 weeks dependent on weather conditions.


  • Multi Engine £2,430
  • Instrument Rating (PPL Pilot) £13,845
  • Instrument Rating (CPL Pilot) £11,965

Instrument Rating Renewals:

Recent changes in legislation mean that you can renew your IR every other year in a simulator. We can offer training for IR renewals in either our AL200 Simulator featuring PA34 I and II and the PA31 Chieftain models. Alternatively we have the new DA42 simulator. The test will then be carried out in either the simulator, or the corresponding aircraft. Training is as required and is charged at the rates below, which includes an instructor:
  • £188 per hour in the simulator
  • £405 per hour in the Seneca PA34
  • £415 per hour in the DA42 Diamond Twinstar

The IR renewal test lasts approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes and is charged at the rates above. IR renewal Examiner Fee is currently £200. All our charges include VAT.

Multi-Engine Rating Renewals:

Training as required is carried out in the Seneca and is charged at the above rates. Multi Engine proficiency check will last approximately 50 minutes and is charged at the above rates. ME renewal Examiner Fee is currently £100.
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